IoT Based
Farm Management

An easy-to-use farm management platform
that assists agricultural stakeholders across the value chain.

Simplifying agriculture with intelligent technology

With IoT, analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and other technology offerings, agribazaar can easily streamline your agriculture management efforts. Our farm management software also offers precise weather forecasts and yield estimates.

Next-gen farm management system

By providing accurate insights into various parameters, Kiassansamrat helps you make data-driven agribusiness decisions.

Features to grow your agribusiness Growth

Internet of agricultural things

Get critical insights into farm conditions and make well-informed decisions with agribazaar’s IoT expertise. Make optimal use of resources and accelerate agricultural productivity effectively.

Contract farming

Contract Farming deals with farmer registration, creating contracts, procurement, and recording goods issued or services provided to farmers. It includes contract farming companies with crops of their desired quality and ensures improved incomes for farmers.

Farm profile

The farm profile module helps map the crop and land infrastructure of your farms. It allows you to maintain details of farmland, number of sites, plots, packhouses, and cold storages, along with geo coordinates.

Farm Analytics

agribazaar provides customized reports and dashboards to power your agribusiness decisions with data-based insights. Ensure intelligent yield predictions and bring maintenance costs down to a minimum with our analytics offerings.