Kisaan Samrat Card

A simple way to make your farming easier and better with agribazaar Kisan Samrat Card.
Kisan Samrat Card (KSC) is a finance delivery mechanism to meet the financial needs of the farmers during the crop season in a timely and hassle-free manner by giving monetary support to them.
What are the features of KSC?

Empower farmers with a personalized bank card suitable for personal or farm financial needs.


The card can be universally used at POS or can be used to take out money at ATMs.


The card can also be used outside the ecosystem of agribazaar as a standard open-loop card.


Both physical and virtual cards for online and offline transactions.


Get attractive cashback on using agribazaar Kisan Safalta Card.


The disbursement process for the Kisan Safalta loan is hassle-free and quick.


The PM KSC loan repayment procedure is flexible and can be done post the harvest season.

How can farmers use KSC?

For Lending: A fund wallet that is managed by a financial line given by either bank or NBFC.


For Cashback: A prepaid wallet where reward points are earned on transactions.


EMI Collection: UPI-based EMI/loan-repayment collection. In this process, farmers load their EMIs in this wallet which further adds funds to the lender’s bank account.

What are the benefits?

Farmers receive an ATM card that can be used to withdraw cash from ATMs and take loans as well.


KSC comes with a 12 monthly repayment period, which offers adequate time to pay any debt.


The interest rate is similar to that of other advances from the agriculture sector.


Crop yield determines the Safalta Card's limit, the finance scale, and maintenance expense.


For marginal farmers, the limit is flexible from Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 50,000.


The maximum limit of KSC can increase every year after an annual review. Farmers with good repayment histories will be incentivized to tackle inflation with a higher financial limit.


It allows for conversion or rescheduling of repayment if the crops are damaged due to any natural calamity. Its repayment policy also allows clearing off the debt only after the harvest.


A simplified application and documentation process that eliminates any hassle and helps save time.