So if a conventional deadlift is deep for you, then include some assistance lifts with a shorter range of motion. Romanian deadlifts are great for that because they still work our hips and hamstrings in a stretched position. Or if the conventional deadlift is shallow for you, then include some deeper assistance lifts. Using a narrow sumo stance, where you bring your knees right outside your grip. This has many of the benefits of a conventional deadlift while freeing up a bit more space in your hips. Most traps bars reduce the range of motion by a couple of inches, and they also allow you to bend less at the hips by bending more at the knees, allowing everyone to get into a proper starting position.

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The reason why you’ll feel more or less comfortable in one style over another is largely determined by the structure of your hip. Lastly, one of the main diamond push ups differences between conventional and sumo deadlifts are the muscles used. The angles of your body in relation to the bar are going to be different for conventional versus sumo deadlifts. For most people, the timing of the hips and knees to finish the movement will happen simultaneously.

  • While both exercises involve both of these muscle groups, the more bent over position in conventional deadlifts means that they tend to work the hamstrings and glutes more.
  • The exact effects vary from person to person, of course, but rowing from the knees puts more emphasis on the lats and upper back whereas rowing from the floor puts more emphasis on the lower back.
  • You goal is to get yourself in perfect position to squat the weight up.
  • The first part of the movement, try to imagine splitting apart the ground with your legs.

I don’t recommend this technique for new lifters. When you still need to consciously focus on keeping your spine extended and getting tight, gripping and ripping doesn’t give you enough time to make sure your setup is solid before you start pulling. There are, by my count, six different primary ways to set up for a conventional deadlift. I’ll present them roughly in order of popularity and ease of use.

However, it should be emphasized that the percent differences in tibialis anterior and medial gastrocnemius activity between sumo and conventional deadlifts were relatively small. The RDL is similar to the stiff-legged dead lift, with the exception of approximately 15 degrees of knee flexion that is used. Movement is achieved via hip flexion during the eccentric phase while maintaining extension in the cervical and lumbar spines, concurrent with holding the knees at approximately 15 degrees of flexion. The bar descends slowly and closely to the thighs instead of being directly underneath the shoulders . This reduces the torque on the lumbar spine (L4/L5) by placing the load closer to axis of rotation and over the base of support.

Sumo Deadlift Cons

Depending on where your hips are in relation to the barbell, you are more likely to have a greater glute activation when you perform a conventional deadlift. Put your elbows on the bench and ensure that the hands are on the barbell. It is important to note that the body needs to be aligned and the spine is neutral when you perform this exercise.

In this article I will go over why mobility is important for sumo, how to test your mobility, the various exercises you can do to improve it as well as a sample routine to add into your lifting sessions. If you are really serious about your lifting, and moving some serious weight, like deadlifts of 600 lbs, 700 lbs, 800 lbs, or even more, a deadlift bar may be perfect for you. Arching the low back in the bent over position locks the pelvis into place. This will help stretch/load the hamstrings as you wedge into position. Now when you drive your knees out and hips to the bar you can create even more load on the hamstrings before you explode.

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It’s not long before they stretch the ligaments in the SI joint too much and too repeatedly and then end up with back problems. I’ve noticed a slight stubbornness in some people when trying to teach them the proper way to bend at the hips. A lot of times they tell me that their yoga instructor said it was okay. Meanwhile, the SLDL load stays close to the body’s center of mass, i.e., closer to the shins. This due to lat involvement holding the arms at an angle back towards the body. Even if you try to dangle the arms further from the body , in practice and under load, the lats are going to kick in and start pulling the bar back towards the body.

Prisoner Squat

To perform a standard deadlift, line up with your feet under the bar . Deadlifts help you be less injury prone, develop a stronger grip, improve posture, and can even potentially increase hormones that help you grow. In doing so, you’re relying on your legs to provide force, your spine to provide stability, and your arms to act as levers to move the weight.

Shoulder Press Pose

And since you’ll most likely be lifting even more with the sumo deadlift, it’s best to have perfect form in order to avoid injury. There are a number of form tips to keep in mind as you go through the movement. The wider foot placement also lends itself to a third major benefit. Because of the resulting hip and knee angles, your hips are put into an external rotation which allows this deadlift to target the glutes and inner quads. If you’re looking to target these areas due to a weakness in the pull with a regular deadlift or are just looking for aesthetic gains with glutes and quads, the sumo deadlift can provide.

Banded Sumo Deadlift Video Exercise Guide

Stiff-legged deadlift – The grounded-bar start and end positions are modified to make the legs as straight as possible without rounding the back. Depress the shoulders away from the ears to load the lats and to generate force throughout the spinal erectors. Maintain the spine long and straight as the hips hinge back, taking care not to allow the knees to track forwards over the toes. To add onto this, I’ve found that snatch grip deadlifts really helped with my speed off the floor as well. I do them between 50 and 60% of my deadlift max for a couple of sets of 5-8.

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